About Us

Speaking a second language
unwraps a whole new world of possibilities!

  • You can communicate with people you have not previously been able to talk to
  • You can use the universal language of English on holidays or in business
  • It looks great on your CV too

I established Living English because I love words and language. It didn’t matter whether I understood their meaning, I just liked the sound or the way the word looked on a page.

When I started teaching English abroad, I realised that the reason some language students found English a little tricky was because of how we say words.

Have you ever wondered why the words to, two and too are all pronounced the same? Or why the word, row and row is spelled the same but pronounced differently depending on its meaning.

How can English language students know the spelling of the word write, when it can also be spelled right and rite!

The way to really speak a language well is to live in the country where it is spoken

Living English offers Cultural Linguistic Exchanges & Work & Study programmes to make your time in Ireland more productive, because words matter.

My name is Anne and I am the managing director of Living English

And this is Carolyn, our programme coordinator