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Living English has been offering Interns to partner-organisations in Ireland for over 10 years!

Both employer and Intern benefit from this very popular programme. The Intern receives much needed work experience and the employer avails of skilled, international staff on a temporary basis.

Taking an Intern

We welcome new organisations with a structure in place to accept our professional internship candidates.

Our interns are skilled in their area of expertise and Living English interviews and evaluates the English level of all Internship candidates prior to acceptance onto our programme.

Internship organisations benefit from accepting international interns who are self-motivated, use their own initiative, keen to learn and often bring new ideas to an organisation. We do not charge organisations for accepting one of our interns.

Professional interns benefit by working in an environment where English is spoken and they appreciate this invaluable opportunity to obtain much needed work experience.

Our internship candidates range in age from 20-30 years old and are available for 3-6-9 months. They are typically in the final year of university or a recently qualified graduate.

If you would like to host an intern in your organisation, please complete the application form below or email for more information

Successful Internship placements:

    General Business, Legal, Human Resources, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Sales & Marketing, Office Administration, Travel Industry / Hospitality and more…
Application Form - Internship Organisations

Application Form - Internship Organisations

Professional Intern Information

Our organisation would like to accept an unpaid intern in the following areas:
An intern candidate profile is a 3rd/4th year international university student or a recently qualified university graduate. Interns must have a minimum of a B2 (upper intermediate) level of English. We ask partner-organisations to interview the intern by video call prior to confirmation of placement. Training and mentorship of interns is required. Interns are unpaid and Living English does not charge organisations for internship placements. The intern’s transport costs should be paid by the company.