Professional Internship Programme

Matching clients' expectations with our partner organisations' needs

  • Are you a recent graduate or still going to university?
  • Do you need work experience in your area of study?
  • Why not improve your English while working as an Intern and living in Ireland!

Meet the Professionals

Living English offers you an internship placement in an English-speaking environment, where you will gain much-needed work experience and improve your English language skills.

International university students often require an Internship placement as part of their course. This is a worthwhile way of obtaining much-needed work experience in your specific area of study in an English-speaking environment. When you make a booking, you will be contacted by a representative of Living English to evaluate your English level and to discuss your expectations of your placement.

Successful Internship placements:

  • General Business
  • Legal
  • Human Resources
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Office Administration
  • Travel Industry / Hospitality and more…

Do you meet the minimum requirements?

  • Participants should be attending university or have recently graduated
  • Minimum English language level requirement –  B2 / C1 / C2
  • Duration: 3/6 months depending on requested placement
  • Our placements are tailor-made to suit the diverse needs of each participant

English Language Tuition

Living English offers optional extras such as English language classes prior to your internship placement. English classes are available in Dublin in the mornings from 9am – 1.30pm or in the afternoons from 1.45 – 5pm.


Another optional extra is host family accommodation. You will have your own room in a comfortable host family on a direct transport route to your internship organisation. Please note all accommodation is subject to availability.

Professional Internship Programme
Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose our professional Internship programme?

We take learning seriously. Participating in an internship in Ireland in your area of study is an exciting challenge and your spoken English will quickly become more fluent.

A professional internship offers you experience and learning which will better your employability. It shows a prospective employer that you can use your initiative and you are an independent learner who is open to opportunities!

You may need to do an internship as part of your university course or because you need work experience in a specific area to assist you in getting a job in your own country.

I would like to come to Ireland as an Intern on a Professional Internship programme. How do I make a booking?

You need to complete the Professional Internship registration form and pay a booking deposit of €150. You will receive confirmation of your booking and a receipt of payment.

Registration Form

Are there other documents I need to give Living English?

Yes. We require the following documents:

Curriculum Vitae in English with a recent photograph.

Motivation letter (setting out your hopes and expectations of your time in Ireland on the Professional Internship programme).

Other relevant references / English language qualifications


Do I need a high level of spoken English?

Yes, you will need a B2 (Upper Intermediate) or a C1 or C2 (Advanced) level of spoken English. Your written English should also be of a high standard.

Does Living English test my English level?

Yes, we do. We will arrange a skype call with you after you make a booking. There are two reasons for this: to evaluate your English level, but also to ascertain the type of organisation you would like an internship placement in and the type of work you would like to do during your internship placement.

When will I be put in touch with an organisation that is interested in my profile?

We ask Interns to make a booking at least 8-weeks before you want to come to Ireland. This gives us time to contact many organisations on your behalf.

How will I know when an organisation is interested in the possibility of me being an Intern?

We will contact you to arrange a day and a time for you to be interviewed by an organisation. We will then ask the employer for his/her feedback and we will also ask you for yours. If you and the organisation are both happy to proceed, we have found a suitable match and we will send you a booking confirmation.

If the organisation decides not to accept me as their Intern, what happens then?

We will arrange another telephone interview for you with a different organisation.

Will I have a mentor and will I know what is expected of me before I arrive in Dublin for my internship placement?

Yes, you will. Living English ensures a professional internship placement where the Intern will have a mentor and be made aware of the tasks he/she will be asked to do prior to arriving in Dublin.

Are Internships paid?

No, Internships are unpaid.

Where is the language school located?

The school has two locations – one in Dublin city and another one in South Dublin on the coast.

How do I know how much English classes cost?

Please contact us and we will let you know the price.

You may have other questions we have not answered here.

If you do, please email us on