Soft Landings

The information you need to know before starting work in Ireland

Would you like to visit Ireland and work while you are here? We will assist you to find paid work in coffee shops, supermarkets or restaurants while you are attending English classes in the afternoons in Dublin city centre.

You will be able to travel to job interviews in the Dublin area on the bus, tram or train free of charge with the travel pass we include in your welcome pack.

This Programme Includes

4 weeks general English language tuition

You will be level-tested on your first day of school and placed in a class suitable to your level. You can choose between 10 or 15 hours English language classes per week.

4 weeks travel pass in Dublin area

Free travel on all public transport in the Dublin area.

work in ireland

Info pack + 30 days assistance

Support includes assistance with social security documents, CV preparation, advice on expected salary, Irish interviewing methods, clothing etiquette etc.

Optional extra: 4 weeks host family accommodation/self-catering accommodation

Based on a single room with half-board during the week and full board at the weekends or self-catering accommodation in a student residence. Please note all accommodation is subject to availability.


All courses are subject to an €80 fee which is payable on arrival at the school. This fee includes a course book, a registration fee and access to the school’s guided e-learning platform.

Summer supplement:

If you are travelling to Dublin during the busy summer months, please be aware that we charge a summer supplement. Please contact us for more details!


This programme does not include:

  • Airport transfer on arrival
  • Accommodation
Our training will give you valuable tips such as:
PPS Number
How to Apply
Documents Required
Which Social Welfare Office?
What to Do Next?
First time working in Ireland
12A Form
Business English Usage
Protocol At Interviews
How to write a cover letter
Curriculum Vitae
Making It Relevant
Completing Application Forms
Opening a Bank Account
Travel and Transport

Introduction to Working in Ireland
Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the Soft Landings programme?

If you would like to improve your English language skills and work, this programme is perfect for you. Your first 4-weeks in Ireland is organised to give you the time to adapt to a new country and an exciting new adventure! We have over ten years’ experience looking for work for overseas students and we will guide you and help you to find work for yourself.

Alternatively, you may just want to travel and spend some time in Ireland, where the people are friendly and the ‘craic’ is mighty 🙂

I would like to come to Ireland on the Soft Landings programme. How do I make a booking?

You need to complete the Introduction to Working in Ireland registration form and pay a booking deposit of €150. You will receive confirmation of your booking and a receipt of payment.

Registration Form

Are there other documents I need to give Living English?

Yes. We require the following documents:

Curriculum Vitae in English with a recent photograph.

Motivation letter (setting out your hopes and expectations of your time in Ireland on the Introduction to working in Ireland programme).

Can I arrive in Dublin on any day of the week or do I have to arrive on a specific day?

We recommend you arrive either on a Saturday or a Sunday, but you can arrive on another day if you prefer.

When do I start my English classes?

You will start your English classes on the Monday after your arrival.

What will my class timetable be and where is the school?

The morning English class timetable is from 9am-11am (10-hours per week – you can select the school location, either Bray or Dublin and the afternoon English class timetable is from 1.45pm–5.00pm. Both courses operate Monday to Friday inclusive for four weeks.

How will Living English assist me in getting a job?

We will arrange a meeting with you in our office on the first working morning after your arrival. We will discuss the type of work you would like to do and explain to you everything you need to know about finding work in the Dublin area. This includes improving/re-writing your CV, advising you how to apply for a PPS number, what employers will expect from you at interviews and many other important tips.

What type of job can I get?

This depends on you. It depends on your past working experience and it depends on how well you use your own initiative and how good you are at job interviews. The easiest jobs to get are those in bars, restaurants, newsagents and supermarkets.

Will Living English organise a job interview for me?

No, but we will follow-up with any employer you have had an interview with or contact organisations on your behalf to ask them if they are looking for staff.

How far is Bray to Dublin city?

There is a direct train into Dublin which takes 40 minutes and there are several regular buses as well. Most Irish people living in Bray commute into Dublin every day to work.

When can I start using my travel pass?

Your 4-week travel pass will be included in your welcome pack which we will deliver to your host family before you arrive in Ireland. The 4-week duration starts from the first day you use the pass. It allows you to travel on buses, trams and the local train in the Dublin area, free of charge.

If I don’t find a job in the first 4-weeks, is it possible to extend my English classes?

Yes. You need to advise Living English one week before you finish the 4-week Soft Landings programme.

You may have other questions we have not answered here. If you do, please

Email us on